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We have been conducting Destination Sikh Weddings and working with destination Sikh Wedding Planners around the globe for over 20 years. Our extensive experience celebrating Sikh destination weddings in many countries has given us a unique perspective to conduct flawless ceremonies. Whether it is a traditional Destination Sikh Wedding or Interfaith wedding, we create and respectfully present the Punjabi Destination Wedding. We work alongside your destination Sikh Wedding planner to preserve all the mandatory Sikh Wedding Ceremony traditions and customs.

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We are committed to conducting Indian Destination weddings with a deeply spiritual, heart-centered, personal approach, treating the couple as if they were our own children, disseminating words of practical wisdom, sharing tips for a healthy marriage and balanced relationship. As a multi-racial couple, we have first-hand experience and a clear understanding of how to deal with the dynamics of both interfaith and traditional couples and families.

OUR Destination Sikh Wedding STORY

We embarked on a journey to professionally share Sikh Devotional Music, which took us to India where we recorded Gurbani Kirtan with Times Music. This slow evolution took us through intense trials and tribulations at Gurdwaras world-wide.  We are sure, similarly, many of you may have also encountered roadblocks when when planning your Destination Sikh Wedding. Over time we naturally transitioned into our special niche conducting Destination Sikh Weddings for like-minded couples.

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We look forward to conducting your vibrant  traditional Sikh Destination Wedding. Don’t miss the opportunity to have the most memorable dream Outdoor Sikh Destination wedding for you and your families!

Please see our FAQs for Sikh Weddings page for answers to any questions you may have regarding a Destination Sikh Wedding. You can listen to and download our Gurbani Kirtan on iTunes or request a quote by filling out our Sikh Wedding Contact form.

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In between weddings, we enjoy living near nature to receive inspirational wisdom so we can share it with couples and the congregation during the ceremony.   It is our pray to continue to offer a loving and compassionate Indian Sikh Wedding for all couples  at destinations worldwide​.  Let us assist your Destination Sikh Wedding Planner to make your dream Indian Sikh Destination Wedding a reality!