Hard Rock is a world class resort that caters to Sikh Destination Weddings

This is an ideal location to celebrate your Anand Karaj.  Don’t let any imaginary stories deter you from having your dream Sikh Destination Wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Here are some pros and cons of the Hard Rock location.

Sikh Destination Wedding Planner Hard Rock Hotel

Sikh Destination Wedding Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, Mexico

Indian Wedding Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya Mexico


  • The resort can cater to hundreds of guests at one time
  • There are several gazebos, terraces, and indoor locations to have your Sikh wedding, reception, and other rituals
  • The resort specializes in Indian, Sikh and Hindu Weddings
  • The wedding department is affiliated with several local professional decor companies who know how to set up a Gurdwaras-Type ambiance at the resort
  • There is free wifi and Canadian USA calls are included
  • Your Sikh Priest is fully aware of the resort layout, staff and protocol to offer a prompt, timely, and respectful ceremony
  • It is an all-inclusive resort with unlimited food and drink
  • There is free room service
  • Excellent food and restaurants
  • Extensive pools
  • A world class gym


  • The resort is slightly large area wise making it difficult for seniors to navigate long distances
  • The wind can pick up heavily during the ceremony in the wedding gazebos
  • There is no sandy beach off the resort property
  • When there during the offseason beware of the unexpected rains and weather changes

You are in professional hands at Hard Rock Resort Riviera Maya, they go the extra mile. We want to help make your dream Sikh Destination wedding come true. Contact us today at sikhpriest@gmail.com